Palazzo Cucchiari

The exhibition will be held on the main floor of Palazzo Cucchiari, which today serve as the headquarters of the Giorgio Conti Foundation. The Palazzo will once again be re-opening its its beautiful rooms to the public after a careful and detailed restauration by the architect Tiziano Lera.

Palazzo Cucchiari, a majestic 19th century residence, was designed by Leandro Caselli, the man who re-created the face of modern Carrara.

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  • Città del Grand Tour dall’Ermitage

    e Paesaggi Apuani da collezioni Italiane

    from 9th July to 23rd October 2016. By the Giorgio Conti Foundation.


Città del Grand Tour dall’Ermitage
e Paesaggi Apuani da collezioni Italiane


logo_fondazione_footer For centuries, knowing Italy, its extraordinary artistic heritage and millennial civilisation, but also the nature and human qualities of a beautiful and complicated country, was a significant part of the cultural development of the elite class of all Europe; that is why the Voyage of Italy was an experience to have at least once in a lifetime for the youth of the most important European families, both the noble ones and the rising trade and financial ones, between the very end of the 17th century and the first half of the 19th one. The voyage became a true and authentic mania for all the classes that could afford it.

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exhibition curated by
Sergej AndrosovMassimo Bertozzi

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    Via Cucchiari, 1
    54033 Carrara (MS)
    info: +39.0585.72355
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